My Stress Ball


Now you know. Now, you'll never know.

Took a quick break from the studio to give you a #minicover #allofme #johnlegend @dannysio

I’m determined. Not shaving it cutting my hair until this album is done. 👨 #homeless


So @dannysio’s little cousin Camdyn taught us an awesome new dance move. @mrpaparazzi101

Hapy Easter! Isn’t this bunny soooooo caauuute?! 😁🐰💐

Want to be the next winner of #siosaturday? Here’s your chance!

A huge congratulations is in order for @christieroad13 for being our first winner of #siosaturday with this incredibly realistic drawing! Who will be our winner next week? It could be you.

Take my hand


The Talk Dirty Cover [BLOOPER REEL] is now live! Spread it!

I was NOT impressed with the sitting on a giant King Cobra. #notimpressedtuesdays (📷: @andrew_ftw )

Last night was so much fun! Shout out to @awgaskarth for surprising me by asking me to sing the end of #dearmaria with him. Brought back some solid memories.

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