My Stress Ball


Now you know. Now, you'll never know.

I’m a lllllitttle obsessed with coffee. Just a little. 😏☕️

This looks like a good place to sleep. DENVER! LETS SLEEP TOGETHER! 😉 📷: @lealahh

Make your butt look great in @glamourkills new fall line featuring some fine ass denim! They know what’s up!

Sometimes being alone ain’t so bad. #TheRave #LightsOut #RhapsodyInBlue

I did it. Today I are a scorpion. Do I get my superpowers now?

I see these at all the middle of no where has stations and I’ve had it. I’m eating a scorpion and @marshalltraver is eating a worm. #JudgeUs #ManShit

Let me hear your beautiful voices tonight! Be ready to catch me! 😈

I love these close intimate meet & greets. The past two shows have been unreal! Minnesota let’s rage!
📷: @kolbyster

Some people are just sooooo annoying. @mattyry

Snuck up on our line in Pontiac, MI today. So stoked for this show!

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