My Stress Ball


Now you know. Now, you'll never know.

This is what happens when my boy @carlosjacome gets a hold of your hair. The dude is a beast. ✂️

Had to hard style with @dannysio in front of our Duality display at the FYE at North Point Mall in GA. Feeling blessed 😁 #SIODuality

Show us your Duality Diamond
<|> #SIODuality

GEORGIA! Come hang with us today at FYE at 6pm!
ONE lucky Dreamcatcher will win a personal dinner with us!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you ….THE WHY WORRY MUSIC VIDEO premiering right NOW on Fuse !!

What’s your favorite part?!

Still blown away! Currently at #6 on the Alternative iTunes Charts. Thank you all for showing your support and buying this record. #SIODuality

#sioduality  #6  


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In ONE day, it begins.

Resist their plea to conform

#SIODuality <|>

Make sure to pick up your copy of the latest issue of @rocksound ASAP!

Very happy to be a part of the @jhaudio family. They fit like a dream and sound absolutely incredible! Best IEM headphones I’ve ever owned.

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