My Stress Ball


Now you know. Now, you'll never know.

Take my hand


The Talk Dirty Cover [BLOOPER REEL] is now live! Spread it!

I was NOT impressed with the sitting on a giant King Cobra. #notimpressedtuesdays (📷: @andrew_ftw )

Last night was so much fun! Shout out to @awgaskarth for surprising me by asking me to sing the end of #dearmaria with him. Brought back some solid memories.

Take risks. Pave your own road. Life is too short to play it safe. #grandcanyon

Apparently today is national siblings day and so I have to give a shoutout to my big sis @cambia. I love you so much, thanks for always looking out for me and sticking up for me when I was just a little tot. You are one of the strongest, hardest working woman I know and I am so honored to call you family. ❤️

We all went to the St. Louis Zoo today so @maxxsio & I made sure we behaved ourselves like reasonable adults.

I was NOT impressed with Sponge Bob’s house. 😡 #notimpressedtuesdays

Wanna hear two acoustic versions of songs? Check out this session we did for @propertyofzack Comment which one you like most! :)

Kentucky! Tomorrow night is your last chance to see us until summer! Details: (📷: @ndubephotos)

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